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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Flower Benefits

CBD is undoubtedly all the rage. What started as a revolution is now mainstream and CBD sale is expected to cross $20 billion by 2024. One of the latest trends in the industry that is attention-catching – increased importance of CBD flower. It may have been due to the recently increasing availability of marijuana buds or due to the increasing popularity of CBD. Whatever drives the trend, it is clear that CBD flower is quickly becoming something that will decide the industry’s future. However, we all would like to learn more about the hemp flower and its effects and this guide discusses the benefits, side effects and more about it.

CBD-Rich Hemp

Most CBD oils are derived from marijuana Sativa plants containing THC in lower levels. By making sure the products contain no more than 0.3% THC, manufacturers can save them from being classified as cannabis which is still regulated by the federal government though it has been legalized for use in many states. CBD manufacturers use CBD-rich, low-THC hemp to make their products. Some producers even sell the compound without converting it into concentrate or oil. If the CBD flower contains no more than 0.3% of THC, it can be classified as industrial hemp and allowed to be sold in the market.

CBD Oil Vs. CBD Flower

CBD flower is the dried and processed CBD hemp while CBD oil is the extracted, concentrated form of CBD derived from hemp. Flower can just be vaped, smoked or added to food while there are numerous ways to use CBD oil. Those who would like to use only CBD free of any additional components and cannabinoids would need to rely on isolate CBD oil. CBD bud comes naturally with small quantities of THC and other components. CBD-rich marijuana that contains less than 0.3 percent THC is legal for sale in the market. CBD oil is odorless and is sold in containers that resemble any ordinary beauty or cosmetic product you would buy at grocery stores.

Top CBD Flower Benefits

Vaping or smoking CBD bud does not make you feel high as is the case with pot. However, consumption of this CBD product has some immediate results or effects which you can feel over a period of minutes. As soon as you smoke or vape the flower, you may feel relaxed or peaceful. You experience reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression or your mood improves. Smoking CBD flower can also alleviate pain and inflammation. As inhalation is the fastest method to introduce any compound into the body, vaping flower provides quicker benefits as compared to other methods of CBD consumption. Scientific research also states that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve the symptoms of numerous ailments as a lot of them are linked to inflammation. CBD also seems to be effective for the treatment of epilepsy. Additionally, it reduces the symptoms of anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.

Talking about the side effects of CBD, it should be noted that it is well-tolerated in humans with really mild side effects. Some of the common side effects include dry mouth, diarrhea and fatigue.

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Diesel – The Best Strains Online

Online dispensaries make it possible to buy strains with ease. You can also find an extensive selection of strains to choose from. In this article we will discuss about Diesel, one of the best and most popular strains available online. This is a sativa dominant strain that comes with a heavy Indica influence. It features old school genetics.

This is a high yielding strain that is known to produce huge dense buds that emit a strong and citrus diesel odor. The smoke is full-flavored and heavy hitting. It is capable of creating a balanced effect while giving you an uplifting high. It relaxes the body and mind.


Diesel is known to originate from strains that were created by trans-Atlantic cultivators in the United States. Even though there is 60 percent sativa domination in the genetics of Diesel Kush, the rest 40 percent of Indica also shows its effect. OG Kush is one of the parent strains of Diesel Kush. This legendary hybrid comes with a high level of THC, capable of giving the users a cerebral high.

Sour Diesel is the other parent and it gives out a pungent diesel fuel aroma which is capable of relieving pain, depression and stress.


Diesel Kush is one of the most sought-after strains by breeders for its dense growth, compact buds and high yield. If grown indoors (with the help of a 600w HPS lamp), you may expect a yield of about 450–500 grams per sq metre. When grown outdoors, you may expect a yield of 500-550 grams per plant, with a height of approximately 175-210 cm.

The breeders in the northern hemisphere get a harvest from mid to late October. What we like best about this plant is that it is extremely easy to grow. It will take up any nutrients that come in the way.


Diesel is known to induce an effect of euphoria and uplift a person’s mood instantly. It can boost creativity, improve concentration and make the person feel happy. This is followed by a deep mental relaxation. People with history of chronic pain and seizures can use this strain to get relief from the symptoms.

Are They Suitable For First Time Growers?

We would say Diesel is not the best strain for novice growers as the dense buds can get fungal infections causing them to rot. It is suitable for those who have a little experience with weed cultivation. They will be able to maintain the room temperature and humidity just as required and ensure that there’s proper ventilation in the room.

Diesel Kush that are grown indoors can reach a height of 90-160cm. They can be trimmed and cropped to maintain the height when there’s limited growth space in the room. Experts advise not to keep this strain in vegetative growth phase for an extended period of time as this may stretch the flowering stage.

If grown properly, Diesel Kush will be ready for harvest in about 8 to 10 weeks. The average flowering period is nine weeks.

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